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You find here some magic which is a chance to experience in India only. Airy sari, lavishly decorated sarongi, colourful skirts, spectacular tops, expressive tunics, vigorous galligaskins, patterned scarves, silk shawls, sophisticated jewellery, handbags full of mystery, … We will be delighted to learn that you choose something fantastic for you or your close friend :) and become our Customer. If you are Bollywood or belly dance Fan just click at स्वर्ग पेट नृत्य!

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Salila bracelet,pink

Salila bracelet,pink 5,40 EUR

A spectacular pink coloured bracelet. Salila consists of elastic metal wires with little crystals on them. It is not a full circle so it will adjust to thinner and thicker forearm.

Salila bracelet,pink - order

Ujala scarf, brown

Ujala scarf, brown 2,70 EUR

A universal Ujala will do in every season. It matches autumn sweatshirts and summer dresses as well. The scarf has subtle stripes in darker color along its length.

Ujala scarf, brown - order

Acara necklace,brown

Acara necklace,brown 7,83 EUR

The original hand-made necklace made of hand painted buffalo bone symbolizes the protective power of nature. Beads in hues of brown create an extraordinary, oriental composition. This beautiful accessory is very impressive and eye-catching. It’s Boho style.

Acara necklace,brown - order

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