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Splendour of Indian Jewellery can turn your head. :) Plentifulness of patterns and templates, finest ornaments, stunning conjunction of materials and God Heavens - the sound of it! And what is more: this jewellery goes perfectly with most styles and materials. It doesn’t muffle, it just adds a bit of oriental flavour. You have a chance to wear original manmade Indian Jewellery. Every piece of it is a masterpiece. The same models of Jewellery differ as they are craft. All stuff is made of natural and non-allergic materials, such as copper, brass, tin, semi-precious stones, glass, hand painted wood and engraved Asian Buffalo bone.

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Acara necklace,brown

Acara necklace,brown 7,83 EUR

The original hand-made necklace made of hand painted buffalo bone symbolizes the protective power of nature. Beads in hues of brown create an extraordinary, oriental composition. This beautiful accessory is very impressive and eye-catching. It’s Boho style.

Acara necklace,brown - order

Pathari necklace,brown

Pathari necklace,brown 9,18 EUR

An energizing Pathari necklace is made of the smooth beige agates. Its color means brightness, perfection, innocence, simplicity, determination and honesty.

Pathari necklace,brown - order

Salila bracelet,pink

Salila bracelet,pink 5,40 EUR

A spectacular pink coloured bracelet. Salila consists of elastic metal wires with little crystals on them. It is not a full circle so it will adjust to thinner and thicker forearm.

Salila bracelet,pink - order

Shakra कांच bracelet, shaded blue

Shakra कांच bracelet, shaded blue 4,05 EUR

A pretty bracelet made of glass. It suits perfectly to linen, woollen and cotton clothes. It emphasises their character.

Shakra कांच bracelet, shaded blue - order

Dhrsta II earrings,brown

Dhrsta II earrings,brown 1,89 EUR

Dhrsta earrings are made of brass which does not cause an allergy. Brass has been used from ages by jewellers. The rubbed golden ornaments shine intriguingly with every movement.

Dhrsta II earrings,brown - order

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