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You have a possibility of wearing the ordinary Indian jewellery. Every necklace is a product of handicrafts so they are different. All necklaces are made of non-allergic materials: copper brass, tin. Most of ornamented elements are made of natural materials such as: semi-precious stones, hand painted wood whether sculptured buffalo bone. Whereas small beads are made of colour glass.

Pathari necklace,brown

Pathari necklace,brown 9,18 EUR

An energizing Pathari necklace is made of the smooth beige agates. Its color means brightness, perfection, innocence, simplicity, determination and honesty.

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Acara necklace,brown

Acara necklace,brown 7,83 EUR

The original hand-made necklace made of hand painted buffalo bone symbolizes the protective power of nature. Beads in hues of brown create an extraordinary, oriental composition. This beautiful accessory is very impressive and eye-catching. It’s Boho style.

Acara necklace,brown - order

Dubala beads, black & gold

Dubala beads, black & gold 6,48 EUR

These long Dubala beads may be worn in many ways which makes different effect every time. Combining noble black and gold with rugged stones makes them distinct and spectacular.

Dubala beads, black & gold - order

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