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We give you capability of Indian jewelry bearing - item of handicraft. Each bracelet is unique (unrepeatable) thing, same models will be distinguished (differed) amongst them insignificantly. The bracelets are handmade of antiallergic materials: copper, brass, tin. Rich in types and forms, finest ornaments. You may be surprised of matching materials; sounds, that issue. Everything can put about dizziness literally. :)

Dora bracelets set, red

Dora bracelets set, red 4,05 EUR

A chic set consisting of three bracelets of different width. Dora are made of hand painted buffalo bone which is placed in a brass form in a colour of old gold.

Dora bracelets set, red - order

Nivala I bracelet, silver

Nivala I bracelet, silver 5,40 EUR

A pretty Nivala with multilayer ornament made of a tiny silver net. It consists of two semicircles joined together with a little spring, which makes it easier to do up.

Nivala I bracelet, silver - order

Bracelet Bhoomiti II,black

Bracelet Bhoomiti II,black 5,13 EUR

A Bhoomiti bracelet is an original composition of wooden well-matched geometrical blocks. Due to its double elastics the bracelet is really comfortable. It is made hand painted of wood.

Bracelet Bhoomiti II,black - order

Asesa bracelets set, silver

Asesa bracelets set, silver 4,05 EUR

A set consists of six bracelets in the silver colour. Its simple design is emphasized by a purple ribbon shaped buckle. These bracelets are made of silver coloured metal.

Asesa bracelets set, silver - order

Shakra कांच bracelet, shaded blue

Shakra कांच bracelet, shaded blue 4,05 EUR

A pretty bracelet made of glass. It suits perfectly to linen, woollen and cotton clothes. It emphasises their character.

Shakra कांच bracelet, shaded blue - order

Salila bracelet,pink

Salila bracelet,pink 5,40 EUR

A spectacular pink coloured bracelet. Salila consists of elastic metal wires with little crystals on them. It is not a full circle so it will adjust to thinner and thicker forearm.

Salila bracelet,pink - order

Ajuara bracelet, golden/ wide

Ajuara bracelet, golden/ wide 8,10 EUR

A clangorous narrow bracelet in a color of old gold. Along its middle part there are a row of little bells which gives it an exhilarating and swashbuckling character.

Ajuara bracelet, golden/ wide - order

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