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Belly dance costumes नाच झोल

The costumes for belly dancing (called oriental dance) are a feast for eyes, because of subtlety of materials, saturation of colours, large selection of patterns, a richness of applications and sounds which they emit. All this wonderful original set of real Indian goods is impossibly to fake.
Therefore we give you a chance to wear genuine Belly Dance Costumes directly shipped from India. The tops and belts with colourful beads, shining crystals, sequins, engraved coins, silver and gold threads. The professional Belly Dance Skirts made of double layer of transparent polygeorgette - as a circle shape (on double folded rubber) - easy shows during dancing. The voiles light as feathers in a professional dancer hands can put into a trance.

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Anta pura harem pants, red

Anta pura harem pants, red 13,50 EUR

Red harem pants called also Alladin’s pants or plus fours. They are made of satin that’s why they are light, soft and cool. Perfect to dance and useful during summer evenings, when a hot body feels like being chilled down.

Anta pura harem pants, red - order

Panja Varma, silver

Panja Varma, silver 5,40 EUR

A spectacular Panja Varma hides the top of one’s palm under an „armour” consisting of lightweight, tiny , imprinted coins which cheerfully jingle with every movement.

Panja Varma, silver - order

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