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Payment and delivery costs

Costs of goods shipping and common methods of payment.

When ordering below 100 Euro you have to pay for shipment too. You will pay nothing when you order goods for 100 Euro or more here dispatching costs covers Kaszmir Indian store.

How is the delivery cost?

Delivery cost is based on total weight of order, payment option and kind of carrier, as follows.

Delivery through postal office:

weight up to 50g -> cost 1,90 EUR

weight 50g – 100g -> cost 2 EUR

weight 100g – 350g ->cost 3 EUR

weight 350g – 500g -> cost 3,90 EUR

weight 0,5kg – 1,0kg -> cost 6,40 EUR

weight 1,0kg – 2,0kg -> cost 11 EUR

Important notice!

For security reason parcels of total weight above 2,0kg we are forwarding by courier only.

What kind of payment is ok ?

You choose kind of delivery in your order and goods destination.

You will have a chance to choose among methods of payment when you put some goods in your basket:

a) payment upon presentation of goods * (this option is valid for reliable customer only) – money is collected by a post office counter

b) prepayment onto bank account **

- prepayment via bank transfer ( in the traditional way or online ) – you forward money from your personal bank account to the “Kaszmir” shop bank account .

Kaszmir shop bank details are as follow.

Bank name:

Pekao SA II o/Częstochowa.Poland.

Bank account : 86 12 40 2252 1111 0000 315 89 552

- payment online via or PayPal.

– You are using bank transfer or your credit card through or PayPal. Here you shorten waiting time for delivery. Information about your payment goes to us within minutes in fact, money is not on our bank account yet but we are starting the procedure of your order.

We have no doubts, but to be sure we would like to talk about safe way of cash flow.

This is why we prefer “payment upon presentation” after your third order (or first order for amount minimum 100 Euro). If you do so you gain Reliable Customer status, and next time you can choose “payment upon presentation” option.

Prepayment falls due at 7th day after acknowledgement e-mail and order shall be amended if prepayment is overdue.

What is data of delivery?

We handling with ores / shipping every work day from Monday to Friday (except holidays).

Orders on basic “delivery upon presentation” via or PayPal are fulfilled within 24 to 48 hrs from order acknowledgement (acknowledgement e-mail is sent every time to Client).

Time – limit of delivery of ordered goods depends on your method of payment and carrier (post office, courier) you choose.

Time – limit of delivery of goods = procedure time (24 – 48hrs) + delivery time

Take notice, is not responsible for delivery delay due to post office or courier service.

We shall cancel your order when we have no money within 7 days on our bank account.

Can I pick my goods up myself?

Of course, You can, but first call us in Gliwice.Poland. (contact phone:0048 692 619 122) and in Częstochowa.Poland (contact phone:0048 662 507 337).

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