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“Kaszmir” Indian shop policy

Internet store at:, has it’s real place in Gliwice town, 20 Bytomska Street.Poland. (Company register numbers: NIP:PL 949 003 48 20, IDS/REGON 150 205036 ).

You can buy original Indian clothing , jewellery, bags, etc. Every product is new, imported directly from India, all prices included tax (VAT).


Purchase circumstances

To make a purchase you have to be a customer. So first you have fill a form and accept our rules. To buy something you ought to log in. So automatically, you can check your personal account and history of your shopping. Everytime you add goods to your cart and send your order :).

Prices, sales promotion

All prices , as shown are including taxes (VAT) when you are ordering when receiving the goods, a receipt/ invoice is attached to (you choose option the receipt / invoice when submitting your order) We have the right to change prices of goods, to set a new price up and cancel an old one. There is a limited number of goods for the sales promotion. We are filling the orders according to an order book, up to the last item at stock. We will be in touch with you immediately, if the goods are no longer available at low promo price. We have the right to announce, change, cancel promotions.

Placing an order

We accept only orders received through Internet at address: 24 hrs a day / 7 days a week. To place an order just log in, put the selected goods ( clothing or other products) in the cart, tick the method of payment off you like and conclude the order. After while you will get e-mail on accepting your order. On other hand, it will begin some process of fulfilling your order. If an error happened you would be given a notification of it and asked to repeat your order. In case of any difficulty or questions you may simply ask Mitali.


Methods of payment and cost of delivery

We suggest there methods of payment for ordered goods:

a)payment upon presentation of goods * (this option is valid for reliable customer only) – money is collected by a post office counter

b)prepayment sent to our bank account **

- prepayment via bank transfer ( in the traditional way or online ) – this way means you forward money from your personal bank account to the “Kaszmir” shop account via bank transfer .

Bank information below:

Pekao SA II o/Częstochowa. Poland.

Account no: 86 12 40 2252 1111 0000 315 89 552

- payment online via or PayPal– You forward money through bank transfer or pay using your credit card at or PayPal. This method of payment brings shorter delivery time. In fact , when money does not arrive but we already put a process at the beginning.

Basically, we trust in you, but to be sure and “have a good night” we try to low some risk down. So option “payment upon presentation” shall be effective after placing third order or first order for total amount 100 Euro. And then you are so called reliable customer with the privilege to pay upon presentation.


It is important that order for amount below 100 Euro do not include cost of delivery. You need to pay extra cash for shipment. When order goods to 100 Euro or more you do not need to pay extra cash for shipping, so cost of delivery is covered by “Kaszmir” shop.

Costs of goods dispatching depends on weight of the parcel, method of payment, kind of carrier and they are as below:

Shipping based on postal office servicing

a) payment upon delivery option *

Parcel weight up to 0,5 kg -> cost 13,50 PLN

Parcel weight 0,5kg – 1,0kg -> cost 16,50 PLN

Parcel weight 1,0kg – 2,0kg -> cost 18,50 PLN

b) prepayment in full** by bank transfer or via PayPal or at

Parcel weight up to 50g -> cost 1,90 EUR

Parcel weight 50g – 100g -> cost 2 EUR

Parcel weight 100g – 350g ->cost 3 EUR

Parcel weight 350g – 500g -> cost 3,9 EUR

Parcel weight 0,5kg – 1,0kg -> cost 6,40 EUR

Parcel weight 1,0kg – 2,0kg -> cost 11 EUR


Please notice, that parcels of total weight above 2,0kg because of security reason will be dispatched via courier only. DHL courier service

Carring order out

We start fulfilling your order when it is positively passed. You will receive an e-mail about it, and next information on date of forwarding the goods.

We are shipping goods every working day from Monday to Friday. Delivery – you choose a carrier (you put post office or courier in your order) and write the destination down.

You can pick the goods up yourself at our store in Gliwice (just call 0048 692 619 122) or in Częstochowa (just call 0048 662 507 337 ).

In case of any inaccuracy our “Kaszmir” staff will get in contact via e-mail or telephone line. When some item is not at stock you will be asked to make decision what is next: you modify your order, or wait longer, or withdraw your order completely.

You may change your order, or withdraw it up to moment that the invoice / receipt is not ready. It is impossible to cancel your order after fulfilling it, when the goods is on it’s way.


We have a right to stop the process of order if a Customer payment was overdue or she / he had not pick the goods up in the past.

Fulfilling order and delivery date.

We carry order out and forward goods every workday (except holidays) from Monday to Friday. Orders on basic “delivery upon presentation” via or PayPal finish it’s process within 24 to 48 hrs after confirmation of order ( we inform Customer every time through e-mail).

Order with bank transfer is carried out within 24-48 hrs since cash flow onto our shop bank account (then Customer is informed via e-mail every time).

Generally, time when you receive your ordered goods is based on payment option and kind of carrier.

Delivery time = order fulfilling (24 – 48 hrs) + shipping services.


Please notice, that store is not responsible for any delay in delivery ( negligence of postal office / courier servicing).

If we have not got your money in 7 days after your order confirmed your order shall be canceled.

Returns of goods , claims

According to Act of 2nd March, 2000 about “some customer’s rights and liability for harm caused by unsafe product “ . It is possible to return the goods bought in Indian shop “Kaszmir” within 10 days of receiving , without any reason. To do this you mast return the goods as registered parcel, together with the invoice, receipt and a slip you are giving the goods up to shop’s address. Doing so within 5 days we shall reimburse the amount of money of the goods via bank transfer onto your bank account.

Important notice

It is possible to return the goods if it was not used or damaged. We do not reimburse costs of delivery and return shipment.


You can claim if the goods fail to comply with your order or it has some technical defect or mechanical damage which happened during delivery.

When receiving the goods you are obliged to check it for damage of the goods or broken sealing of the parcel. If something is wrong you should make a statement in written confirmed by a postman / courier. It is necessary for claiming to send the goods back together with the invoice, receipt, damage description / statement slip within 7 days from receiving.

Please mark the parcel “Reklamacja” (= Claim) and post it to “Kaszmir” shop address.

The damaged goods shall be replaced, but if it will not be possible - we return total amount of the goods. The extra costs of shipment you had borne we cover in full within 3 days from receiving the parcel and carrying the claim out.

Important notice! does not accept any packages forwarded on basis „payment upon presentation”.

Protection of personal data

To place an order you need to go through online registration form. When filling it in, you are asked put some personal data, such as, forename, name, address (street, postcode, place, country ), telephone number. This data is essential to shop online with us handle with all your future orders. Actually, your telephone number is not a must, but it will help to be in touch with you when carrying your order out. We could call you only in case of any inaccuracy or some lack of goods at stock.

According to personal data Personal Data Act of 29th August, 1997 (single text Dz.U. Number 101of 2002, item 926 and later addendum ) we obligate to keep your files in safe place, out of reach of non-authorized persons.

Your personal data from registration form shall be added to Kaszmir store database and used only to process your transaction and dispatch your order.

If you want to we shall e-mail you a newsletter. Any third parties are barred from having access to your data for any other purpose.

You will be able to click Customer Panel when you are ready with registration and logging on you will be able to go through your data, change / delete it (even delete your account).

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